Most efficient way to study for TEAS/one main thing to do?!

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Hi guys!! I have just finished all of my pre-reqs and I'm now ready to apply to the January cohort! Silly me, I have been so focused on maintaining a high GPA and just finishing my classes, I didn't even think about studying for the TEAS!! Yikes! I have to take my test within the next 3 weeks and I am a single mother who works full time. Any suggestions on how to cram? What should I focus on? I have the ATI study guide as well as one from Kaplan and two TEAS apps on my iPhone. I already have anxiety so knowing how much is riding on this test makes it hard to concentrate and study. Thank you so much in advance!

From what I've read, I would suggest brushing up on the math and english portions, but don't spend all of your time on those unless there are some concepts you aren't grasping. I am spending the majority of my time focusing on the science section (basic chemistry/physics and going more in depth with biology) because those are a little harder to study for since they cover so much information. Which sections are you most concerned about?

I had the same problem of being overwhelmed at the thought of what to focus on!! Some kind people on this site gave me this sticky note to look at & let me tell you it's been a world of help! Hope it helps you as well! :)

Focus on science. Do both online practices to get a feel for it. The online practices are much harder than the actual exam, but the science hit the spot. Honestly, my science was different than the previous posters link. I felt like the science questions were pretty random. Start studying early and just get very comfortable and familiar with the science concepts. I used multiple books to study and I also went on YouTube, watching videos helped me too. Good luck!

Thank you all! I have never been good at math so I am worried about that. And also the chemistry because I have never taken it but I've just read it's on the test. Yikes! I'm good with English/reading, can those (hopefully) good scores bring up my overall grade?

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