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Hi all. I can't seem to find ANY reviews over Mosby's online FNP test prep. Have any of you taken this? What did you think?

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I took the PNP version of that review course. I found a lot of the information outdated.


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I took the FNP Mosby review with National Healthcare Institute and I passed both the ANCC and AANP exams. Found a couple of errors but after taking Barkleys review I realized that I rather have a couple of rational errors than pay for a course that fall short in general like Barkley. Based on my experience, I will recommend this course over other reviews out there...


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I most say that after failing the ANCC FNP exam once I passed yesterday! Yeyyyyyyy I can't believe it! Unlike other people that forget about those staying behind, I believe telling you guys my story you can learn from my experience and pass this exam too...I study using the FNP review at, after reading several positive reviews about this course, I registered and oh God am I happy I did. The information is very complete and the practice questions were almost exactly like those on the exam. I used Leik and Fitzgerald before and I can tell you that this review is far superior. I got a little depressed at first and kept emailing the instructor for reassurance at the beginning (yes, this sold me too it. They actually have an NP instructor assigned to you to answer all your questions. Not even my 40k tuition at XXX University did that for me). Anyway I am very excited I passed and wanted to share with you...I got several picture identification questions and all that apply, so make sure you pay attention to those. Best of luck!


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i am trying to register for the course but no one answers the phone so I am a little leary about spending the money and not receiving the certificate for my ce.


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It sounds bogus to me.