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Hi. I'm thinking about moving to Florida and have some questions about this hospital system. It seems to get rave reviews from the nurses who work there.

What would be the starting ICU salary for 3-4 year experience in ICU, more as RN?

Night/weekend diff?

Patient/RN ratio?


Domestic partner benefits?

Seasonal work?


Gay friendly workplace?

Thanks for any info

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I currently work at Morton Plant Hospital in Medical Surgical ICU. I can't speak on what your salary will be because I don't work for Human Resources; however, shift diff is $5 weeknight and $6 weekend nights. Patient to nurse ratio is 2:1 however you can be tripled depending on if we're short that night on nurses or not. The hospital is gay friendly , I knowing first hand because I am gay myself, but there are no benefits for domestic partnerships. If that is a make or break for you I suggest looking into Shands at the University of Florida. They allow for your domestic partner to be benefited if you have proof that the two of you have lived together for a minimum of one year. The acuity of the patients at Morton Plant is typically sepsis, bowel surgeries, gi bleeds, dka , etc. I hope this helps :)

I don't know if it's true but some hospitals also give you a physical & will rescind your offer if you don't pass. Like lifting 50 lbs off the floor, running-then they get your hear rate and BP, walk up stairs, and test you for nicotine-so don't go to the casino and breathe in a bunch of smoke etc :) I mention that so you don't give notice where you work, until you've passed the hurtles.

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