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Bill Cruice, I read my PASNAP news letter cover to cover and I don't remember seeing that name before. It says PASNAP director but that does not explain duties of director. Whoever this Bill Cruice is(not sure if he has any medical background), but his article... For Nurses, A time of Crisis and Oppurtunity is excellent. For example, he calls restructuring a code word for de-skilling. I must say I was afraid of that.

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Bill Cruice is the director of PASNAP under direction of BOD and President Terri Evans RN who is the guiding force behind this nursing union.

Met Bill briefly at Mandatory Overtime Rally last year. Sensed he has a commanding grasp of the healthcare business and union organizing, was well spoken and analytical of nursing problems.

Enjoyed the article he wrote for Pittsburgh paper last year.

E-mail is [email protected]'ve probably already sent him letter knowing you!

Wish they would put their newsletter on the website, as you mention so many articles. Sandy Weaver is doing a nice job of upgrading website on my visit tonight.


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Teri Evans wrote an excellent article this month also. She actually sits in on the nursing board meetings. Sometimes she makes little comments about what they say that are so telling. She mentioned that the board promised not to charge nurses with abandonment when mandated if the nurse gave advance notice of her refusal to stay. Advance notice???? How was I supposed to give advanced notice. Most nurses get mandated about 10 minutes before the end of the shift. This was a mere inconvience for me but it wreaked havoc with child care arrangments when they did it to young parents. Not that we did not already know that most board members are out of touch. Like I said I read my news letter cover to cover more than once.

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FYI, most Boards of Nursing have "open sessions" for at least part of their required meetings. Anyone can go and it is quite an eye opener to see what happens at the BON meetings. One of the surprises I had when I was routinely attending our BON open sessions was that most of the nurses who were being disciplined or called before the BON did NOT appear in person! Now THAT really surprised me! I think if my license hung in the balance (and therefore my ability to earn a living); I'd be there! (I was attending these meetings when I was chair of MNA's Nursing Practice Commission several years ago.)


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Once before you mentioned that you noticed that nurses do not go to their own hearings. I read that and was filled with confusion at the fact. I could make all kinds of guesses about why they don't but like I said I would be just be guessing.:confused:


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Got a email from Bill Cruice thanking me for my comments. He said "we are about to enter uncharted territory". I am not sure what he means by that but I suppose it could have something to do with the new nursing association.

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