6 Month Vacation? Possible?


Is it possible as a travel nurse to work 6 months and then go on vacation for 6 months?

Obviously, it would not be a paid vacation. But if I did 2 consecutive 13 week assignments and saved enough money to afford 6 months on a beach somewhere would that be doable.

Can I just work 6 months and then take 6 off and then come back and work 6 on and 6 off. Maybe I would have to change companies and maybe not but my basic point here ..............IS THIS A REAL POSSIBILITY?

I want to work like a dog for 6 months and then spend the other 6 on some far flung island half way around the world. Camiguin or Siquijor come to mind.


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well sure - it's possible- all depends on expenses (what is the cost to make you happy) don't even know where these places are..sounds cool. my plan is 2-3 weeks in colombia in dec. jan., then 2-3 weeks jun- july europe or wheverth'hell...all depends on expenses.


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They are small remote islands in the Philippines. Very cheap, very safe, astoundingly gorgeous and great scuba diving. Only thing you have to watch out for is getting bored. Also google Palawan and look at the pictures. An equally incredible place, although it is littered with more tourists.


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I don't see why you couldn't do this. Just discuss it with your agency. They are aware that nurses do traveling partly for the flexibility it offers, so there should be no problem in you going "inactive status" for 6 months, then coming back. If your agency does not agree, then find an agency that will cooperate with your wishes.


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Where are you from?- My hospital offers a " nine mos. position" where you work full time 36hrs/wk for 9 mos followed by three mos off. It's "critical care float" with a semi-full time designation so you have affordable benifits. With vacation time I think you could stretch it to 4mos off without too much problem. You are paid for only the time you work but can set up the pay to be evenly divided for 12 mos. Best of all you keep your seniority and bidding rights when you are off, and build your 401k/403b. It's not for everyone-as a matter of fact no one has bid on the position- but some days it is tempting being that I'm living in Northeast Ohio and its in the low 20's tonight with wind and snow and expected to get worse.


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That position sounds great. I would love to be able to stay home during the worst winter months.

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