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Montefiore School of Nursing Jan 2015


Hi, I applied to Montefiore School of Nursing, in Mount Vernon New York for the January 2015 term! I was wondering if anyone else has applied yet!!! I submitted all required documents and application and am just waiting to see if I am invited to take the TEAS!!!

Good luck to all that have applied!!!

Hey!! i recently just applied to the program as well. All they required were the application and transcripts, right? ive seen some people post about reference and recommendation letters, did you have to send them a recommendation letter as well?

HI. I applied as well. Just waiting for the TEAS invite. Wish you all the best :yes:

Kazey001, hi! Yes they do want a recommendation letter. I just received my invite to take the teas! I'm so nervous! I wonder how many people apply. Has anyone taken all of the pre Reqs?


I just took the teas today for spring 2015. I've been a nervous wreck all day lol. Im hoping that I got in. When will you take your exam?

Hi! I took the test today as well!!! I really hope I did well!!! I must have studied like for two months straight. I hope we get in!!!!

Hi! I took the test today as well!!! I really hope I did well!!! I must have studied like for two months straight. I hope we get in!!!!

Omg me too! Keep me posted on the score. Ugh, I hope I got what they wanted, I took too long in the reading section. I had to guess a few at the end beause time ran out, I was so upset.

That happened to me with the math section, I feel like the time went so fast! I had to make a few educated guesses, so I hope that section was good. I thought the science section was going to be the hardest, but I feel like it was ok! She said that 170 where invited to take the TEAS but a lot of people didn't even submit their registration form AND people called and switched their application for the fall. Which is good for us!!! Also if you think about it, there are only 3 more test dates! And there was only I think tops, 15 people yesterday. So maybe only less than 100 people are taking the exam. I don't know I had dreams of the math questions last night! I am so nervous!!! I have been checking the ATI wesbsite non stop but I think they wont have the scores up until Monday.

LOL same here, chances are on Monday sometime in the afternoon. Another factor to that would be that some people are applying for the evening and others for the day. That gives us more of a chance to get in. I applied for the evening. How about you?

The January 2015 only has an evening option. The fall only has a day option.

I am just praying this works! I really want to go to Montefiore so badly!

**fingers crossed** I wish you luck!! My life will change dramatically just by going to this school. :( I wish we knew our scores already. Lol

I know!!! Do you have a degree already? Did you finish all of your pre reqs? Getting accepted here will change my life as well! I have wanted this for so long!!!

I do not have a degree, but I did finish all the prereqs. How about you?

Yes, I do have a degree, I wish I had went into nursing right away!!!

I feel so sick to my stomach!!! I am soooooo nervous!!!!!!!! No grade yet!!!

I will call her by 1:30 just to get an update.

I keep refreshing my ATI site waiting for my grade!!!