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Montefiore School of Nursing 2017 Evening Students

by Infinite76 Infinite76 (New) New

Just wanted to start a thread for all evening students beginning Spring 2017.....

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I moved your thread for best response.

Hi, I'm also starting in the Spring.

Awesome. What lab time did you select?

I selected 5 to 7pm. Which section did you select?

I selected 5-7 as well. Did you get everything off of your checklist?

Everything except the shoes.

Did you start reading: I didn't. Everything is done except physical from doctor. I received all of my shots, but she did not complete the forms. I will see you saturday. email me dmesqu@aol.com

Hey Guys!

Happy Holidays!! Hope you are all doing well. I just had a question about Moodlerooms. Are any of you registered at all for the Spring 2017 Nursing 1 section? I keep checking and I'm still only seeing Universal forms and student services as the threads available to me. I know that for one part of the readings we're doing we have to do some online tasks right? Or someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway. Any details you guys can share would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, to date, no one has been assigned to any classes in moodle rooms. I check frequently also. I am not sure if I our readings include online tasks. I dont recall that being stated on our new student sheet in our packet, but if you know of online tasks please let me know.

Okay Let me double check when I get back home from work. I'll let you know for sure.

I am already enrolled in the courses and I can see all the information. I think they enroll you after your are cleared by health assessment, you make your first payment, and after your background check is approved. You guys should call the school and ask about that

Hey I am planning to apply for the School for the evening option is there any advice you could give me? how is the class schedules, the work load? Clinical? how was your first year inside. I will be attending the open house in June and I am nervous about taking the Kat exam do you have any advice about that and what is a passing score for the KAT


how do you like the evening option so far? how is the school environment and the evening schedule?