Montana State University DNP Application Fall 2016

  1. Hi All,
    I'm curious if anyone has applied to the MSN/Post MSN DNP for Montana State University for Fall 2016. I applied to Duke University's DNP/FNP as well and the interview went very well, however, MSU is my first choice (both financially and I live in Montana now). I have at least 5 years of critical care/ER/trauma RN experience and a bunch of previous Army medical first responder experience. I also hold a MSN in Leadership and Management, but I have a lower GPA (3.3). Just wanted to start a conversation for those of us applying! I know it's a newer online program with not a lot of traction in online boards, but I'm super anxious about this application. Any updates would be appreciated!
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    I applied and am awaiting info on the interviews that are coming up. I don't know much about what others think about the program, though. My decision to apply was made due to my wife possibly pursuing graduate school in Hyrological sciences in Montana, so MSU was an obvious choice. I am in Colorado and looked at several online programs. I know you have to travel to Bozeman once a fall, but otherwise it's mostly all online correspondence.

    I also applied to University of Colorado because they offer an MPH/DNP program, which interests me a lot. MSU is a great choice because of how much rural health care there is in the state. The one negative about Montana I have heard is that they pay lower wages for RN's than several other states, but I think the lifestyle and open country is what attracts most people to the state.
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    Sounds great! I already scheduled my interview - did you? Also, are you applying to the BSN-DNP or MSN-DNP? How many years do you have in nursing?

    It looks like there are 2 interviews until April then they decide end of April early May. I actually live south of Missoula and came from Los Angeles so I took a pretty significant decrease in wages. We don't have very strong unions out here so I wouldn't expect to get paid more than $26-30 if you have a few years under your belt. However, since it's an online program I don't imagine many people would need to actually move out here.

    Good luck to us all!
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    I am applying for the BSN-DNP. I only have a year, but I am Chemo certified and work on a very busy Oncology unit as a CTL, so I have made huge strides already. I also have 2 years of international service as a community health/nutrition instructor in Uganda, so I am hopeful that that helps. I have heard that the wages in Montana are low, but they are comparable to my starting wage in Colorado as a new grad. We don't have unions here either, so it's not really anything new for me. This is a 2nd career for me and the pay is much better than before, so I happy where I am! I am less worried about wages right now anyway, and more so about my career path. I hope to get my interviews scheduled in the coming week and am really looking forward to the experience of talking to some faculty directly about the MSU program!

    Where are you near Missoula? How do you like it? My wife is applying to U of M for next year and I have heard great things about the area. She has been there a few times. I am hoping to get there this summer finally!
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    We bought a house last year in Lolo - it's fantastic! If you like the outdoors with a moderate commute (30 or so minutes from home to downtown) than its amazing. Missoula is a bit expensive but you really pay for the scenery and downtown is very progressive.

    Also, we DO have nurses unions, they're just newer and not as strong. They have an uphill battle with negotiations at the moment but our local MNA is pretty great. I imagine in the next few years wages will be going up for RNs as they're currently putting a lot of work into negotiations.

    How was your GPA? I'm applying to the MSN-DNP so I'm not sure if I'll have more or less competition since there appears to be only one track for that. Either way, super excited to interview. You'll also have loads of questions to ask as far as what Montana has to offer if you're thinking of moving out here for school. Montana is full of opportunities at the moment and I think us nurses are pretty lucky - low wages or not!
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    Hey - just wondering how your interviews went. I'm told we will hear in the next week or so and I'm pretty excited. Good luck!
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    Hello again! My interviews went pretty great I thought. The first was a bit dry, but the second gave me much more conversation to interact with and I feel like it went pretty well. How about yours?

    I was under the impression it would not be until May that we heard any answers, but earlier would be better. I am interested in the prospects of doing my work with MSU, but it is going to take a great amount of financial digging and applications to make it a reality I think. The gap between in-state and out-of-state tuition is pretty large.

    Good Luck to you and please do keep me posted as to your decision!
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    Interviews went great - so easy to talk to both of the faculty who interviewed me. I feel very encouraged about the process and the last interviewer mentioned we should find out within the next 2 weeks. According to the email from the Associate Dean, they should make a decision end of April/early May.

    I didn't realize the amount changed so drastically between in state and out of state, but I imagine that would have a huge impact on my decision as well. Over $7,000 per semester is a LOT. Good luck in the coming weeks!
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    Has anyone heard anything? I'm holding out for my Duke acceptance and getting antsy!
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    still waiting...
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    Same. And the application activity page still says "in review". I need to give Duke my answer and I have no clue what MSU's decision will be! I wonder if I call them and ask if that would be too pushy...
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    I got in and I accepted!!! Super excited! Good luck to everyone who's starting this Fall!