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I'm looking into BSN programs - accelerated and regular - at SUNY Downstate, Hunter and Columbia (my husband works there so the BSN portion would be free), but I'm 31 and we're starting to try to get pregnant. I haven't done my pre-reqs yet, but I wanted to know if any moms/future moms out there have any advice about being a mom while in school? I hear about how intense the programs are and just wanted to know how you balance school and family. Thanks :)

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Hi Sarah,

I must preface this by saying that I cannot comment on nursing school in particular, but I hope my comments will help.

I completed my first bachelor's degree while a very new mom. I went back to school as a transfer student when my son (first and only child) was three months old. I was breastfeeding (hooray for quality breastpumps!), and my now-husband and I were not living together at the time. It can be done, but keeping realistic expectations is essential.

One thing was in my favor- my mother and sister helped significantly with childcare. Other than that, it was just learning to manage time, and learning to prioritize right away. You'll go coo-coo if you are trying to keep up with everything at all times. Laundry and gourmet cooking can always wait. Time with hubby, baby and homework/study must always come first. Regarding cooking, I often did almost all of it on Sunday for the rest of the week, making things like stews, chili, chicken, etc. ahead of time. My poor husband was stuck with leftovers a lot, but he was very supportive overall.

I did not live in NYC at the time, so that may throw more difficulties in the way for you, but if you're a native, you've all ready figured your way around NYC-inherent issues (commuting, cost-of-living, etc.).

It can definitely be done though! I finished my BBA while doing all of the above, plus working 30 hours per week as a private home health aide. With your family's support, and some organization, you can do it. I'm going back to school now for nursing, and I know it will be hard, but SO worth it.

Good luck to you!



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I am not in BSN program, but in for my AAS for RN. I work full time and have a 1 1/2 year old boy. I won't lie , its hard! My eyes are red from being so tired every day, HAHA. I stay up, and put my son to bed and THEN the schoolwork starts. I try to do something special every weekend, get schoolwork in at naptime. It's a difficult balance, but with enough determination, can be done. GOOD LUCK!

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