Moisture Wicking Scrubs?


So, let me first start out by saying I'm not a nurse. I'm a psychiatric technician who works on an inpatient psych unit (triple locked) therefore there is absolutley zero airflow and it is always so hot on the units. I sweat a lot to begin with, and we are starting to have to wear solid colors (ceil blue), and I'm looking for the best moisture wicking scrubs that help with sweating and come in plus sizes (at least a 2x bottom, just in case) and are fashionable. Please help and provide your suggestions! I've tried all cotton and that doesn't seem to work too much. I have the most issues with my thighs/rear sweating the most, so mainly looking for pants or other suggestions!

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Not sure if they are technically moisture wicking but the healing hands brand are very cool and "airy".

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I have heat intolerance; the older I get, the worse it gets... and it gets hot where I live and work. In home healthcare, the older folks crank their heaters in the winter and wear sweaters; in the summer, the air conditioning is rarely on.

I have the luxury of not having to wear scrubs, so I wear moisture wicking polo shirts and, when I start to sweat, moisture wicking "dew rags."

Do an internet search for "moisture wicking scrubs;" you will find sources, a couple being: Scrubs, Nursing Uniforms, and Medical Scrubs at Uniform Advantage and Scrubs | Nursing Uniforms | Medical Scrubs - Tafford .

As far as underwear goes, again, "moisture wicking" is key. Try: Patagonia woman's baselayers and underwear: Patagonia Outdoor Clothing & Gear | Free Shipping over $75

I hope this helps!

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I like wonder wink brand