iPhone app - patient tracker/to do list

  1. I want to get away from scribbling stuff on paper, and making checkboxes - only to miss stuff & not be able to read my own handwriting.

    Does anyone have iPhone app for tracking patients/tasks that they recommend?
    Assuming it's secure/encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

    I can only find these on the app store but none have any good reviews:

    Doctor buddy https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doct...464575336?mt=8
    Iscut https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iscu...440914284?mt=8
    Patient List https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pati...427718634?mt=8

    They all seem like they're from 1999.

    Classmate just told me about this one- but I can't download it yet, so have no idea how it is
    PlanShift: Say Goodbye to Paper Work and Hello to Productivity Design looks good though.

    Other suggestions?
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  3. by   forumjunkie
    Interested about this too. Any suggestions guys?
  4. by   Graduatenurse14
    I am too!!! That would be a Godsend for literally thousands of RN's!! I live in a big "Eds and Meds" city with two major research universities with one in particular creating 1,000+ start ups and creating apps.

    I belong to a Meetup.com group where many members are from those universities who are profs, post-doc, grad students and/or work at one of their start ups. I am way out of my league at their events but I love it as I just learn so much from the speakers and individual conversations. Anywho, I will mention this to many as people as I can the next time I go one of the events.

    FYI- There may also be a Meetup in your city for this type of thing. It's very interesting as the letters behind their names are like this:
    Jamal Farrah MD, MPH, PhD or Ying Mao MBA, PhD or John Smith MD, JD.
  5. by   billswife
    I am also interested, but I wonder if the "no phones at work" rule would make this useless????
  6. by   NurseDrizzles
    My hospital has special iPhones for in-house communication only. Our vendor just did a major upgrade and I'm impressed with the improvements, but they've not included the reminders app that comes with iPhone. I use that app all the time in my personal life. You can treat it like a checklist and even set audible reminders for tasks.

    I'd be hesitant to be using my personal phone all the time anyway, for worry of just getting it all gross and germy.
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  7. by   NurseDrizzles
    I totally forgot... Google Keep!!! Works like digital post-it notes. A note can be a checklist, you can set a reminder for each one. The note can be a photo or document, whatever. You can color code them, categorize, drag and rearrange,. I swear I use it daily in personal and professional life. It's the best and it's free. Tell everyone!
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