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13 mo. old w/elevated temp


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:crying2: My 13 mo. old has been spiking temp since this A.M., and presents no other symptoms. i ended up taking him to ER, and temp was 103.6, they gave him tylenol w/motrin which seemed to bring it right down. after waiting there for 4 hrs finally gave up and came home- the triage nurse said it was prob. a virus, so i figured they couldn't do much for that anyway. now that he is resting, he appears just slightly sweaty but no temp, i am starting to wonder if i did the right thing........ anyhow, does anyone have some tips for me Re: what i can do? i am a SVN, and i really dont see anything in my text re: toddlers w/temps.


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We cannot offer medical advise on these boards... you need to see your Primary care provider ASAP. Good luck... I hope your little one feels better soon!

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