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Hello everyone!

I hope I'm posting this is the right place. I have currently been working at my LTC facility in MA for 8 months and the DON just posted a job for salaried full time MMQ nurse. Are there any MMQ nurses out there that can explain what an MMQ nurse does? I looked up the definiton on line and that's about all I found. Do you think with 8 months LPN experience my DON would hire me? Thanks All! Have a good day:D

achot chavi

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ask her, even if she says no, she knows you are available for other positions that might be appropriate and available,'

Good Luck!!

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Hi. I, too, work in Massachusetts....the only state which still uses MMQs. It's not a complicated process but it is time consuming and requires attention to detail. I am pretty sure though that the person who does the MMQ has to be an RN. of May 26 all MMQs will be submitted electronically so you'll need to be computer literate as well. Go to the Mass DPH web site and check out the instructions for doing MMQs. If you don't do the job right your facility stands to lose lots of $$$$. Good luck.

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