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I am in no way trying to belittle or put down MA's or MLT's..if I do so, my sincere apologies, that is not my aim. Having said that....

okay i am a lpn and was forced to quit my full time job to finish up my rn degree. i needed a low stress job so i accepted a position at a walk in clinic. this is where this otherwise boring story takes a turn. i am usually the only nurse there, the rest are medical lab tech's . they are referred to as nurses and carry out every nursing duty without limitations. they answer nursing calls regarding medications, call in medications. i was just wondering is this common practice in walk in clinics?

I took a HUGE pay cut to take this job, and I am wondering are nurses being phased out of outpatient ambulatory patient settings for cost containment?

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Check with your State Board of Nursing on whether the actions that people are performing is practising nursing without a liscense.

It's encumbent upon all RN's and LPN's to protect the profession. If we allow non-nurses to represent themselves as nurses and infringe on areas they shouldn't the nursing profession as we know it will disappear.

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