MLA, APA or other?


First week of classes, we were to post a summary to Blackboard regarding an organization's social programming. The website of the organization was provided. We were to pick one program, and write a short 50 word summary explaining it. So after all the submissions were posted, the instructor posts a message regarding how in the future, we are to use professional speech and "it would be nice if you cited the website next time". WOW. OK I get it, citation is important in nursing, but she could've let us know it was required in the almost nonexistent assignment description. Anywho, do you typically use MLA or APA in nursing? 


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Preferred style and guidelines for posting to blackboard should have been provided in either the course syllabus or student handbook.  And in my experience use of "professional speech" and appropriately citing sources (APA was the required style) was an expectation for all blackboard activity.

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I've only known of nursing programs requiring APA. In fact it is quite a preoccupation, sometimes overshadowing the assignment itself.

Whenever you post anything or write papers follow APA guidelines (unless told otherwise). It would be well worth your time to do a bit of researching of the basic guidelines. Here's a useful link

In the future, ask for clarification if there doesn't seem to be much information about an assignment. Otherwise, if an instructor comments about something for which there was no specification after the fact...let it roll like water off a duck's back...unless you have lost points.