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Mixing Antibiotics in home PICC line infusion

Hi everyone. I am being treated in home for a reoccurring abcsess/cellulitis infection.... After six admissions Drs finally allowing me to be treated in home....I have a PICC line in that has two lines in it (sorry don't know the correct name)...I take vanko every twelve hours and supposed to take zosan (pipetacilin/tazo) 24hrs infusion. When I was in the hospital my nurse actually through away my zosan one day when my vanco backed up and mixed together....he said they were incobatable....the pharmacist yesterday said they could be run at the same time...I've read several articles and some say do it and some so no way...what I've been doing is stopping to he zosan for an hour...flush the line and run the vanco....when finished I flush line again and resume the zosan....my question is IS IT SAFE TO RUN AT THE SAME TIME THROUGH THE TWO PORTS IN THE SAME PICC LINE???? It would save a few steps to do at same time but idk??? Advice appreciated!

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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We really cannot provide medical advice per TOS. Your MD and pharmacist are the people to ask.

Best wishes.


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Like the previous poster stated, per our Terms of Service, we cannot provide the medical advice you seek. Please pose all of your questions and concerns to your healthcare provider.

We wish you well with all of this and hope things resolve nicely.

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