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  1. I was wondering if anyone is in the application process with the VA hospital in St. Louis or has completed it and how long it took? Thanks
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  3. by   Patchouli
    [font=book antiqua]that's a great question. i graduated earlier this month, and am having a difficult time finding work. i decided that maybe the va might have openings, but i had a hard time navigating their site. they don't have a simple "apply" feature. hopefully someone can answer this question.
  4. by   ordeal
    i haven't applied to the va before, but i do know where to find them. all federal jobs are listed on their own search engine at there's a quick search feature on the home page where you can enter "nurse" in the job title/key word box and st. louis (or any other city) in the location box. that will bring up all federal nursing jobs in st. louis. you can also do an agency search and search just for va jobs.

    hope this helps!
  5. by   LeesaRN
    I started the whole process in February. I'm still waiting but I just graduated and they are waiting for my final transcripts. The whole precess takes a while, Vetpo is how they verify back ground and references etc. You need a physical and don't forget the dreaded interview. Again the processes is a bit lengthly but hey its worth it. I did my preceptor ship there and I loved it. The staff was great and the patients were very appreciative. And hey the benefits are off the chain. I have three of classmates who will be working there. Again the process is long but its worth it kinda like nursing school .Ha Ha :heartbeat Leesa
  6. by   Patchouli
    Leesa, how did you actuallly "apply"? I've been to the VA website, but couldn't figure out what I needed to do to apply. I have a resume, but the site didn't have a place to send it or an application that I could find on the web. If you don't mind could you explain how you went about it? Also, are they still hiring new grads or did we miss that boat?
  7. by   Patchouli
    Actually, I found the PDF that contains the application, you can open it and fill it out but you can't download it to print out, and it contains no place to send via e-mail. Do you mail everything in? Is it better to apply in person? I called the recruiter, but she never called me back that's why I have all these questions.
  8. by   LeesaRN
    You need to get in touch with the recruiter. I recommend that you keep calling until you make a connection. She will give you the number to a person who will give you a Vet pro pass code, Keep her number by the phone while you are filling in the information if you happen to have any questions. I had a lot because I thought it was kind of confusing, and didn't want to make any mistakes. I'm not sure if they are hiring any new applicants but always keep calling because people move to different areas with in the VA system and also to different location in the country. Feel free to pm me for more details.:heartbeat Good Luck Leesa
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  9. by   Patchouli
    Thanks Leesa! I wil give her another call on Monday and see what happens.