Thinking about lutheran school of nursing in STL, MO Pre- reqs? Can I do them there?

  1. Hello everyone! Hows your day? Please forgive me in advance. I'm a ball of questions.
    I think I'm going back to school.... I would like to try LSN. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect? Is there usually a long waiting list? I read that you only need the two pre-reqs...Do they offer those at LSN or do I need to get those taken care of before I register? Do they have a high intructor turnover? I'm also interested in the schedule. How long are your days? I know it's pretty intense just want to know hours. I have children and want to be prepared. I'm done with this essay and I am waiting to get one more estimate of suitablity back. I just want a bit more info from someone who has been there. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   STL2008, RN
    Actually, I went there. But I left the school for various reasons. Try looking under Missouri Under the tab "region". There's a bunch of info about LSN there.
  4. by   intuitive7
    thanks for your reply... i will look...
  5. by   Jess_Missouri_RN
    No, most instructors have been there many many years. Some over 20. Yes, the program is intense, yes they have a waiting list. Not sure how long it is now. Depending on the class you're in the first year is M-F 8am -2ish. Clinicals the first year are 2 days a week 7am to 3pm. Second year is dependent on what class you're in. Some give 1 day off a week, some dont. Some have clinicals once a week some have 2 days a week with a community visit once a week as well. Just depends. None the less, you will be busy every day. If not in class, then with study. Pre-reqs can be done at LSN and I suggest taking them there. Not only do you get Webster credit but you kinda get your foot in the door for openings
  6. by   intuitive7
    Thanks alot Jess.....I'm sure i want to go there, i just wanted to get some good inside info...I really appreciate your detail!
  7. by   Jess_Missouri_RN
    Most welcome. Let me know if I can be of assistance