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Here's my question: is one's place on the list determined by timing only or does gpa, coreq completion, dosage test score, etc. all factor in and place one higher? I'm at Flo Valley but I'm... Read More

  1. by   TeleNurse2010
    Oh, and I applied at SCCC, FV, and FP around August of 2007 and was accepted into FV and SCCC for fall of 2008. I got accepted into FP for Spring of 2009. I chose SCCC, since I live closer to it, and I'm loving it.
  2. by   cedarjen
    Rhollins:Awesome! Glad to hear you're loving NS! Chris is my lab instructor and he's been great. Very available for clarification! He's hilarious but his tests are NO joke!
    Thanks for all the insight!