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    I'm planning on applying for the ASN programs at both Cox and St. Johns. Right now, everyone is telling me different things, and I'm so confused. I'm planning on doing the tuition assistance which will mean I will be working at the hospital of the school I attend for around 4 years. So, I really want to make sure I choose the right one. I have visited both but am leaning toward Cox. I was wondering if anyone had any advice, or if you have heard anything about either? I would really appreciate it!!

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  3. by   snortzmom
    I graduated from Cox last May. I think my education was excellent and only 2 people out of 50 something didn't pass the NCLEX, which is really really good. They are going through some administrative changes right now, which is important to note. Last year the faculty turnover rate was rumored to be around 50%. They have a new president now, so it might be better. I would definitely ask the school's recruiter about this... Now, regarding tuition assistance..

    The way it works is that you sign a contract at Cox College in exchange for years of service. I think that it is $1500 per year of service after graduation, which really isn't all that great. Don't quote me on it. Also, Cox is notorious for not paying the tuition reimbursement that they promise. Nurse recruiters have told new nurses for the last two years either "the application is being revised and is not ready yet (2 years!)" or "we aren't sure it is going to be in the budget so check back later." Tuition assistance at Cox isn't anything that you can bank on, and it seems as if it is on the backburner of Cox's priorities.

    I loved Cox though, and my internship was phenomenal. Good luck making your choice :spin:
  4. by   mom2michael
    I've worked for both and they are both excellent places to work.

    St. John's also is a bit hazy on their tuition reimbursement policy as well - I wouldn't count on it either.

    I strongly encourage you to check into the Health Professional Loans thru the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - you can check out the web page or ask the Cox and/or St John's financial aid people about it. If accepted, you get $5000/year that can be used for books, tuition, etc. The only requirement is 1 year for each $5K in an area of high need, which is pretty much all of Soutwest Missouri.

    That's what I did and I don't regret it at all - in fact I'm thinking of getting my BSN and taking some more money. It's a really great program and something that is worth checking in to if you have a chance.
  5. by   nichole88
    Thank you both for your help. I had no idea about the resistance toward tuition reimbursement. Whenever I have spoken to Cox and St. Johns, they talk like it is a guaranteed thing as long as you sign the contract. I'm glad I know that now!!