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    I am looking into two RN programs in MO. One is Southeast Hospital RN ASN program in nursing. I need some info on this program. Is this program hard to get into and if so not is there a waiting list? How are the teachers and administrative staff at this school are they helpful? Does anyone know what scores you need for the Compass test in reading comp, english and math to get into this program? What non nursing credit will and won't they accept? If you have gone to the RN program please explain why you did or did not like this RN program?

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  3. by   Dixieheart
    It is a private college; almost $300 per credit hr. If you get tuition assistance or want to sign to work for the hospital, I guess that might be acceptable for some.
    Easy to get into, has lots of admissions and high non- completion rate. Some drop out for various reasons, some don't make the grade necessary.
    Go to the search and put in Southeast Hospital. Read esp. about the requirement to take wharever reqs. you might require when you enroll there. You have to take them there, can be very expensive if getting no asst.
    Can tell a little more but would have to be in an e-mail; send to
  4. by   laughoften
    They had a 100% pass rate on state board this past semester.