Saint Luke's BSN Program

  1. I was hoping someone could tell me about their experience at Saint Luke's BSN program, what are class/clinical schedules like, how accurate is their cost of attendence, what advice do you have for new students, where did you purchase book, uniforms? Any input would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Michaela, RN
    Hello! I am currently a 2nd semester student at Saint Luke's. I'd be happy to give you some information!

    So far my experience has been pretty average. Since the school is "hybrid" first semester I went to class 2 days a week and had clinical once every other week, alternating with Simulation (which counts as a clinical). This semester I have class one day a week, clinical once a week and 2 online classes. We also have 4 simulations throughout the semester. Clinical days start at 0645 and end between 1400 and 1600 depending on your semester. Class typically starts at 0800 and can go until 1600, once again, depending on your semester.

    Cost of attendence is ridiculous IMHO. Right now, it is $406 per CREDIT HOUR and you have between 16-18 hours per semester. That does not include books, fees, uniforms, etc. In my opinion, you should purchase books online through Amazon or Chegg...MUCH cheaper. If you start school there, I would also be willing to sell you some of mine that I am no longer using. As for uniforms, I purchased them at a scrub shop in Olathe...can'r remember the name. They were about $40 a pair.

    My best advice for you is DO NOT FALL BEHIND. As long as you keep up, or better yet, stay AHEAD your life will be much better. It is very time consuming and challenging but I have 2 kids, a job, a husband and a house to care for and so far I have a 4.0 and plenty of free time. I credit that to staying on top of things. Also, they will literally try to scare you at orientation.. just know that the first week or two are hell, but once you get in the swing of things it will just come naturally to you.

    The most frustrating thing I've delt with so far is the multiple portals, websites and links the various teachers use to present information to you. There are at least 3-5 depending on which class you are in and that gets super frustrating until you adjust to it. However, the majority of the teachers there are SO helpful it is unbelievable. They want you to succeed more than anything. Also, the school is VERY receptive to suggestions of the students and very often actually make those changes.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to IM me. Are you starting there in the Fall? Or just considering applying?
  4. by   MOcna23
    Thanks so much MichaelaR27! I'm reyezc, been having lots of trouble logging in so I got a new username. Anyway you have been so helpful. I did get accepted into saint Luke's and I'm super excited. I was very curious about the workload and you have really helped ease my concerns, I too have a hubby and 2 kiddos and I have a part time job that I'm debating whether to keep or give up come august. As for the uniforms I was just curious if you had to purchase through the school or not, which you answered so thanks!!!!! I would love to buy your books, that would be such a great help. Again thanks, I would love to keep in touch just in case I have more questions, hope that's ok with you. Thanks again.
  5. by   jesimskc
    Hey! I'm planning on applying to Saint Lukes for the Spring of 2014. What is the average prerequisite GPA of the students accepted? I have all my prereqs and I'm sitting at a 3.3-3.4. Is that good enough?? I also have GREAT letters of recommendation too. I'm so worried about my GPA though. Please let me know! Thank you so much!
  6. by   Michaela, RN
    @jesimskc -- To be completely honest, I was accepted into the Fall 2012 class with a 3.91. I believe that semester the average (or possibly the lowest) GPA that was accepted was in the 3.7 range. However, it all depends on who is applying when you do. The average changes for every class, simply because there are different applicants. St. Luke's is heavily based on GPA, but when I applied they did not require the TEAS. That is now required, so that will take some weight off of GPA. The fact that you have great reference letters will help you too. Even if you are not accepted, you will likely be waitlisted and several people in my class came in off of the list. So there will still be hope! I wish you the best of luck!! If you have any other questions, or need any help, please let me know!
  7. by   alison6
    i applied for this upcoming spring semester, it suprises me you only go to class a few days a week! is it because you have so much homework and studying to do after class? also i have heard that on the first day of nursing school they hit you with an anatomy test, would you recommend reviewing prerequisites over winter break?
  8. by   Michaela, RN

    I am in my 3rd semester at St. Luke's and unless things have changed, there is no anatomy test. Small portions of anatomy will be built into your pathophysiology classes. The first day of classes are mostly to get to know each other and figure out what is going on, although, it will take a couple of weeks to REALLY figure out whats going on.

    The reason classes are only held a couple days per week is because the school changed to a "hybrid" format. Meaning, part of your credit hours are attained online. It was a strange thing to get used to, but it is nice once you get the hand of it as it creates a more flexible schedule for you. The clinical and SIM times, however, are set in stone and you will not be the one choosing the hours.

    I honestly would not (and did not) review anything over winter break! I would just enjoy your freedom while you have it! Good luck!
  9. by   alison6
    Thanks for replying! And do you find it's harder to understand the info because its taught online and not in person?
  10. by   Michaela, RN
    At first, yes we all did. Now that I'm used to it, I actually like it because I can work more or less at my own pace. You do have to be self disciplined and motivated to learn the information, or you will not enjoy it. I think that's true for any nursing school though
  11. by   alison6
    i see and ya its definitely a job that requires a lot of schooling but well worth it!
  12. by   degratrj
    So, I hear that letters for Spring 2014 are coming out on Monday, finally. It's been over 3 months since we applied. I would love to bide the remaining days of waiting by chatting with current students and hopefuls about the program. What do you love? How is financial aid? Did you have to scramble to come up with cash? Is the program making you feel like you're going to be a well-prepared nurse? What are your stats? dg
  13. by   spoonfulofrunning
    Really? How do you know? Great! I thought they typically call all the accepted applicants. I really hope that's not the case since I haven't received a call. fingers crossed!
  14. by   Michaela, RN
    Hey guys,

    I will be beginning my last semester at St. Luke's in January... I'm more than happy to answer any questions yall might have about the school, supplies, etc. Just let me know!

    Accepted applicants will receive both a letter and a phone call! Good luck!!!