Saint Charles Community College

  1. Can anyone tell me about their program? Do you have to have pre reqs completed before you can apply? Is the only test the ACT or can you take a placement test. I think this program may be an option since they have an evening option. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   ant2cory
    SCC does not have an eveing program for the RN program. They offer some classes in the evenings but the program is during the day. You have to have certain pre reques done before applying such as A&P 1, 2, English and I think one other one. Once you apply you can get the other pre reques done.

    The ACT is the only test besides the dosage calc test. ACT scores are based on your GPA, the higher your GPA the lower ACT score you need. I would go talk to admissions but make sure you specifically ask for a nursing adviser.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I have a friend that's about to be finished with their program (in May). I start Maryville in August (hopefully, should get acceptance letter in Feb/March!)
  4. by   MissDS
    Thanks. The says flexible scheduling allows for students to choose between day and evening courses and clinical experiences that is what I was referring to. Do you know if the nursing school for the ASN will be moved to Lindenwood I read about SCCC partnership with them. How rigorous is the program?
  5. by   Boogitybooboo
    You have to take a placement test for the college (depending on your ACT scores). You do not need any pre reqs completed before you apply for the nursing program unless you are placed in, for example, in the level down of English 101 (non credit English) or the non credit math, then you have to have those non credit courses completed first. I am on the "wait list" or whatever people are calling it for Fall of 2015. I applied back in February of 2013 after I finished my non credit math course. I still have to take A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, English 102, a history course, and Chemistry. I had only completed College 101, English 101, psychology, sociology, and the non credit math course I was placed in when I applied for the nursing program. For further information: Nursing (Associate's Degree) Admission Requirements

    From what I heard, the actual nursing courses are held at a separate building (off of SCC's campus) until the nursing building is finished being built on SCC campus.

    I hope this helps!!!
  6. by   MissDS
    Thank you. I will have my degree in health sciences so I am debatingif I should wait to apply I don't think I will do well on the ACT
  7. by   Boogitybooboo
    I didn't think I would do well on the ACT either, I took it a year and a half after I graduated high school and only skimmed prep material the night before and I did a lot better than I had thought I would and I don't need to retake it. I would go and talk to a nursing counselor at SCC because I don't know anything about already having a degree (^or about to have one ) and the requirements you still have to meet before applying. Though I do know that my ex coworker applied for the nursing program a few months after me and is on the "waiting list" and still hasn't taken the ACT. She's also going to a different school for another degree at the moment.
  8. by   MissDS
    Ok thanks yes their site says if you have a degree you don't have to the ACT.
  9. by   MissDS
    what have you heard about their nursing program I haven't heard much. Is the program pretty good I see that their NCLEX scores are good so thats a good sign I guess
  10. by   Boogitybooboo
    I haven't heard much either. I haven't heard anything bad about SCC though! Yes, that is a good sign.