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  1. okay, so i have had many questions about what is required to get into the nursing program at penn valley, some answers i found here, some i didnt, so i emailed one of the ladies listed in the information about the nursing program and she replied today.

    i asked her about the teas test, on the website it says that you must complete enrollment requirements one to six before you can take the teas but number six on that list is the teas so i wondered if there was a second entrance exam required. second i asked about the compass test requirement. i already took the compass and completed the classes needed based on those scores and wanted to know if i needed to retake those classes if my scores where the same. lastly i asked her what is the minimum number of total points (1-7) that you can have to be excepted. so here are her answers, so hopefully this helps everyone. if you want to know who i emailed please pm me!

    thank you for your interest in our program. with regard to the teas testing. when you viewed the information, we were in the process of updating information. the teas is the only entrance test required and it is required before application to the program. if you took the teas four years ago, then you probably took the teas 4.0 and now the test is the 5.0 version and must be taken again as the test has a different composition. if you desired to take it with mcc, you would need to contact the nursing office and schedule an appointment. the cost of the test is 40.00 and you would need to bring a picture id and receipt of payment on the day you scheduled to take the exam. the office number is 816-604-4175.

    there is not a minimum number of points needed for admission as the number of points for admission changes with each application period. we have in the past had students with point rankings as low as 4.75 be accepted into the program. it depends on how many students apply and what they have completed for admission.

    if you have taken the compass and it needs to be retaken, as long as you have completed the developmental courses for the compass scores you receive, you will not need to retake the courses. for example, if you scored a 38 in algebra and took math 40, but then retook the compass and scored 34, as long as math 40 was completed with a "c" or better, you would be fine. the compass requirement for the rn program is now 60 which requires the completion of math 110.

    i hope i have answer all of your questions, but if you need further information. please feel free to contact me and i will do my best to assist you!
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