moving from California to Kansas City

  1. I am planning a move in the next month or so to Kansas City, MO from Ridgecrest, Ca; my boyfriend just got an offer to be. helicopter pilot in the area. the cost of living here is very high so the change in wages and salary are going to be a big change. does anyone have recommendations for good hospitals to work for that in your opinion have decent management, policies/staffing standards, weekend & night differential. I have heard that HCA hospitals are not really worth it, any particular reason why? I have been a nurse for 2 years, and have worked as a med/surg/tele nurse for the last almost year of that. I am finishing my BSN online in 6 weeks also.
    also recommendations for neighborhoods/areas that are relatively safer or quiet. were used to driving a decent distance so commuting isn't entirely out of the question.
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  3. by   onemoreday
    I'm sorry no one responded! I'm moving to Kansas City MO in about six months and I've never lived there before. How did you find the transition? Did you manage to avoid a seedy neighborhood?