kc rn vs. lpn

  1. i am a pre nursing student and the waiting lists are insane of the rn programs and i got into lpn school for fall '07 and wondering if i should even try to get my rn. so my question is what is the difference between a lpn and an rn as far as pay, jobs available, etc. any help would be nice thanks
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  3. by   actionpackedissues
    RN wait list are nuts, im in stlcc and the wait is a year and a half, and i cant even scratch my name on there until i finish my prereqs(1 more semester), but lpns dont make much money, atleast from what i have read...rn is a better choice, but a bsn is the best option.

  4. by   BeccaznRN
    I can't tell you specifically what the difference is between LPN and RN in terms of scopes of practice. I just know that most hospitals are going toward an all RN staff and utilizing LPNs less. However, LPNs usually have no problem finding employment in long term care facilities. LPNs are paid less than RNs, reflecting the additional education and responsibility of a RN.

    Since you have been accepted into an LPN program with no wait list, I'm assuming that it's a private institution (which is quite costly). If you are set on becoming an RN, why not take that money and spend it on a BSN program instead? Sometimes BSN programs have little to no wait because they do cost more than ADNs. The only catch is that sometimes BSN programs have higher entrance standards, but it's getting that way for the ADN programs as well because of all the competetion to attend nursing school.

    I got into a BSN program as a transfer student with no wait after I finished all my prereqs at community colleges (GPA 3.6). It's a hefty price tag, but I didn't have to endure the dreaded wait list and I still have my RN (and a BSN to boot). Having a BSN also opens other doors for nurses down the road, like management, public health nursing, school nursing, and graduate programs. Definitely something to look into!

    Best of luck to you!