How much do lpns earn in St.Louis,MO

  1. I have been seriously thinking about going to school to start off an become a lpn and then ultimately become a rn or bsn. I have read other threads and people say how much rns make but what about lpns. I would love to work cardinal glennon or childrens but do you make more at a hospital or a nursing home?Also what r some good schools to attend? I have also read that sanford brown is not a good school if ur thinking about starting off as a lpn then futhering your career, and thats exactly what Im trying to do? If anyone coulde give advise I will grately appreciate it!!
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  3. by   MrsIndependent
    $12 - 14/hr
  4. by   mama_d
    I went to Sanford Brown for my LPN and it's one of my biggest regrets...I REALLY wish I would have gone to St. Charles Community College or even driven all the way out to Pike County vo-tech. When I went it was $15000 for the program and NONE OF THE CREDITS TRANSFER. Which means that now that I'm bridging I had to start out all over again.

    Most of the hospitals are not hiring LPNs right now from my understanding, unless you want to work psych. You'll make more at a nursing home but IMHO not worth the extra responsibilities especially if you're a brand new nurse.

    I started out at $11/hr eight years ago and the pay isn't much better than that to start now. Seems like the pay rates for the RNs keep going up while ours stagnate. One of the big reasons why I'm back in school.

    I was at Glennon with my son when he was two months old and the nurses there were awesome, seemed like it would be a great place to work once I get my RN.
  5. by   stephryus
    I have no idea how much LPN's make, but I absolutely love my school. I go to forest park, its a campus of st. louis community college. They have alot of help and financial aid if you have financial problems. The teachers are all awesome too. I'm in my 2nd semester, if you have any questions feel free to email me @ Good luck to ya!
  6. by   DoeRN
    I am not certain but I worked at a BJC hospital and Childrens falls under BJC and they are not hiring LPN's. My friend just graduated as an LPN and worked for Barnes and had to transfer to the extended care facility because none of the hospitals would hire her being a LPN. There are not that many LPN programs in this area any more.
  7. by   MrsIndependent
    This is true. I called Barnes (who advised me of the pay) and she said that the LPN are assigned to extended care/nursing home jobs. But, the starting pay was 12 - 14/hr based on your experience as a new grad. It can go up to around $16.
  8. by   jphan077
    Hi everyone....I live in st. louis, mo and I am seriously thinking of taking and LPN course cause the I feel that the schooling process is much it better to just go and take my RN instead???
  9. by   bilingueRN
    I would personally think that going on to get your RN first would save you quite a bit of time and you would make quite a bit more money with more options for places to work.
  10. by   jphan077
    Hey, thanks kc BSN student...after careful reviewing, researching and talking with quite a few people from 2 different colleges, I've decide that I'm gonna go and take my RN. I realize that its gonna take the same amount of time and I just want to do it once and get it over with. My main focus now is to registered myself and take all the necessary classes I need to take and I'm in....your future RN
  11. by   Hkroeck
    If you are going to start out as an LPN you will more than likely have to work in long term care...this being said, Delmar Gardens starts out new nurses at $18 an hour and they don't cap raises. I know that Friendship Village also starts out new LPN's at $18-19 an hour. I'm a bit shocked to hear that Barnes doesn't start out their LPNs' at a higher pay.