dosage calculation course, credit course

  1. I am looking for a college in St. Louis area that offers a credit (not cont. education) course in dosage calculation. I know St. Louis CC has cont education course in it, but it is not counted as credit course. SWEC in Belleville has the course but unfort the course is out of MO and would cost over $500 to take the course (non-resident fee) which i can't afford). If anyone has info i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
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  3. by   umslalum
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    [font=franklin gothic medium][color=#483d8b]st. charles community college offers a dosage calculation course frequently. and if i am not mistaken, i believe it is only about $50-$100 to take it. you also have to buy the book, which i am sure is not very expensive at all. they have one starting sometime this summer it you are interested, and it doesn't last long at all. hope this helps you. good luck, and well wishes in whatever you decide to pursue! oh yeah, not sure if it is a continuing education course or not, but check it out anyway.
  4. by   carlarenee02
    I found out this course is not credit as well as the drug cal course at St. Louis CC and my school will not recognize it (Luth School Nursing)
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    Have you checked with the school that requires this for some suggestions? I'm really not aware of anyone that offers this course in a "credit" format, and it almost seems a little silly to require it as a credit course as there's truly so little to it (but what do I know?).

    I had done a quick online search for "nursing dosage credit class" -- or something similar -- after the last thread on this subject and didn't see anything come up quickly. If the school can't help you, I'd suggest trying variations on that search to see if you can locate something, even if it's an online course.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Jillybean1988
    SCCC's class is for credit. At least if you attend SCCC. It is a 1 cr/hr class and it is $80 in district. The book is another $80 or so I think. It counts as credit for those of use who go there, but it may not transfer. If it doesn't I agree that you should probably ask them where to go, if none of these schools are acceptable.
  7. by   carlarenee02
    I talked to LSN and said the only school that has transferrable dosage cal class in SWW in Belleville which would lmake the cost prohibitive for MO residents.
  8. by   Stay-at-Home-Lawyer
    St. Charles Community College offers one. It is $50. That's about all I know about it from their website. Not sure if it qualifies for credit though.
  9. by   carlarenee02
    No it does not qualify. LSN is very strict on course that is credit.
  10. by   salal
    Hey there,
    where you able to find this course? I live in Portland OR and have been trying to find one for credit and most likely online since none of the local schools here offer it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. by   davisg01
    The SCC course is really designed to get you through the Dosage Calculation exam that is the first hurdle for SCC's nursing school. She teaches the class to get you through the test at SCC and nothing more. My two cents worth.
  12. by   salal
    Thanks, talked to the school that I am trying to get into, and was able to obtain the name of the textbook they use. I think im going to try and find a tutor to help me learn the material and take the test this summber.