Cox Health RN's - Springfield, MO - feedback please!

  1. Calling all Springfield, MO nurses/student nurses/techs/unit sec:

    Can anyone tell me their experiences with CoxHealth in Springfield? Even better, if you currently work there/previously worked there, or know of anyone who has/is currently working there, what negatives & positives can you share???

    *What is the average RN-pt ratio on your unit? (TCU, L&D, Ped, Med/Surg, etc)
    *What is the interview process like? (Panel Style? One-on-one? Scenario Questions?)
    *Any New Grads want to share their experience?
    *Any Student RN's want to share their experience during clinicals?

    Any info, really - good, bad, or otherwise, would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any replies
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  3. by   BearishBob
    I worked there for two years. In short, it was awful. My patient load on a medsurg floor was 7 to 11. Constant weekly meetings meant I was at work at least 5 days per week. They start new RNs at 17.50 per hour, which I find extremely low. Employee parking is a 10-15 minute walk. Constant basic supply shortages. I would have to tell patients we were out of blankets, with no recourse to get more. Admissions come regardless of whether you have the staff to take care of the people. You could be on your 10th patient and they will give you another if there is a free bed and money to be made. I'm just bitter.

    Are you moving to the area? Its difficult to get a job here that pays a decent wage and doesn't try to kill you with the workload.
  4. by   RockSteadyRN
    I was thinking about moving to the area, but not after reading your reply! Haha, I'm kidding! Ten patients and yet another admit? Yikes! How is that safe, or even legal? Well, you toughed it out for two years and managed to come out alive, so kudos to you! I'm sure you've gone on to greener pastures. I guess I'll keep applying to countless Skilled Nursing Facilities, and hospitals and pray someone will call me back for an interview. When is it gonna get better? Geez!!!!