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  1. hello to all my fellow soon 2b rns, and others! it's always nice to post here becasue i always get such great responses. it's nice to know that we support each other in our quest. i will be a bsn student at maryville university in the evening and weekend college starting spring 2011. i'm excited and nervous. i saw a few posts from others that were starting the program in the fall of this year. just wanted to reach out to those individuals so hopefully they will let us know how the program goes over the next few months. wouldn't actually mind having some sort of maryville u wec group. i can't private message yet, so that's not an option. thanks, and my best regards to everyone.
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  3. by   ECrad64
    Are you starting your prereqs in the spring or clinicals?
  4. by   umslalum
    hi ecrad64!

    i will be starting clinicals in the fall. i have all my prereqs done so i will be jumping right into the program. maryville u seems like a great school. iv'e enjoyed the experiences with the academic advisors and trips to the campus thus far. i'll probably speak with some of the nursing faculty soon.
  5. by   ECrad64
    I was going to start Fall '11, but now I'm considering Spring '11. I'm confused though, you said you're starting in '11, how do you know that you've been accepted?
  6. by   umslalum
    [font=book antiqua]i spoke with an academic advisor and i have everything completed as far as prerequisites. i have another undergrad degree already and my gpa is high. nothing is absolutely definite, but the advisor said that there is no resason that i shouldn't be accepted. i will not receive an official letter of acceptance until late september/early october. i submitted all my paperwork already, such as an admissions app, transcripts from other schools, etc. if you have any other questions, let me know.
  7. by   Tally4970
    Did you do the required 20 credits with Maryville? The advisor I spoke with said even though my GPA is high, it is required to do those credits with Maryville to be considered for their nursing program.