Anyone attending cox college

  1. I was wondering if anyone on here is going to cox college nursing program. :heartbeat
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  3. by   Camwill
    I will be going to the program at cox college and I am interested in what students think of the college. I have tried to find out how many people applied to the program but I haven't had any luck. I have A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, nurtrition, and several other classes but I have to take the sciences again because they are 6 years old. I made A's before so I am not scared to take them again I just am ready to start. What other program should I apply to?
  4. by   Camwill
    I guess there are no current or past students that went to Cox College on here. Thanks anyway you guys. I guess I will be a little blind going into this program. Wow nursing is such a nerve recking field. Good luck to you all
  5. by   C.LOVEE

    I read in a previous post that you were going to be attending Lincoln Universities ADN program?I start there this fall with the Nursing courses. What happened?
  6. by   Camwill
    I was going to enroll there and heard about somethings going on and decided it wasn't the right school for me. It may not be true but that is ok. I know some nurses that recommended cox and I went to open house and I liked it. I start this fall. Good luck with your studies.
  7. by   C.LOVEE
    I have also heard a lot of good things about COX. Good luck. I hope I don't find out anything troubling about Lincoln while I'm there. eek!
  8. by   Camwill
    I wish you luck. I am sure you will be fine. My decision was also based on the fact that I want to receive my masters also and I can do it at Cox. Again good luck I am sure I will see more of your post on here.
  9. by   C.LOVEE
    Most definitely! Good luck to you too! Did you relocate to Springfield, or are you commuting? I plan to do my BSN online the apply to a Masters program, still up in the air on if I want to go CRNA or NP. Tough decison, both have their pros and cons, I'm sure after a couple years of Nursing I will know which one is right for me though.
  10. by   Camwill
    I am staying here in waynesville it isn't to bad. My plan is to get my NP at Cox and census later. I want to work at a pain management clinic.
  11. by   Camwill
    Oops I meant CRNA dang spell check.
  12. by   Jennifer-Student
    I've heard mostly negative comments from students attending Cox College. I've heard mostly that it is so completely disorganized that it's unbearable, that students get expelled for the most insignificant details, and that they graduated unprepared compared to other programs in this area. I don't want to discourage you if you're already set on attending there, just want you to be aware.
  13. by   Camwill
    It is okay I like to hear what to expect from anything that I do. I have done my research and talked to the nursing director of the lpn program I attended years ago, (neighbor of mine). I am sure every program has its pluses and minuses. I know about the schools in the area and know that they are not the only school that lets go students. I do know if they were not producing nurses that met the standard they would not keep their accredition. So I understand nursing school is challenging anywhere you go but I will listen to your advice and mind my p's and q's. Thank you
  14. by   jenniferclare
    Hi there. I'm currently getting ready to start my 3rd semester at Cox.

    I didn't see where you mentioned which nursing track you were going to be starting later this month. I'm in the BSN-Accelerated track, and it moves a lot faster than the ASN or BSN-Entry, but they are all intense.

    As far as organization, there is a bit lacking in that department, however, I would venture to say that other schools are often dealing with the same issues. I would compare it to the working world - no matter what industry you enter or company you work for, you are bound to have experiences that frustrate you. If you go into it with an open mind, a good attitude, and the decision that you are determined to make the best out of whatever you are given, you will be more than fine. Just remember that, as with most experiences, you get out what you put in.

    I will say that I feel very well prepared so far. I will also mention, however, that I forced myself to get out of the habit of learning how to study just to get the grades, and into the habit of thinking "like a nurse." It's served me well, and was worth the extra work. I would encourage you to do the same.

    I'm not on the board much (between the program, family and work, I have my hands full!), but feel free to reply or private message me if there's anything I can help you with or if you have specific questions.

    Best of luck!