What if NCLEX results aren't posted and you haven't gotten a failed letter?

  1. My results arent posted i did take my boards in TN and live in MS! How long does it take! Im really starting to go insane waiting like this! Please someone help me! Im on the verge of a nervous break down and my family commiting me to Whitfield Psych hospital!
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Go to pearsonvue's website (I'm assuming they still do the NCLEX). They'll love to tell you your result for a small sum.

    Or you can go to your board's website and "verify" your own license. That's usually free.

    I figured out that second way after I'd paid pearsonvue. Oh, well--you can learn from my experience!

    Good luck, and welcome to nursing!
  4. by   BrandNewNurse
    I got my results after 2 days, but my best friend had to wait almost a week. We used the MS Board of Nursing website, the link to verify a license. You can search by your name and SSN. It depends on which day of the week you take the test. The lady at Pearson Vue told me that the results go out on Thursday, so if you took it Thursday or Friday, the results don't go out til the next Thursday. Good luck....quit worrying! Trust me, if I passed, anyone can pass!!!
  5. by   mslpn210
    I took boards Friday, and found out it was posted by 4:30 pm today (Monday)
  6. by   jxnnolarn
    Calm down! My results did not post via web until well after my paper copy came to tell me I had passed. Take some deep breaths and check your mailbox. How long have you been waiting for results?
  7. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Since the post you are responding to was written in January 2007, a full 18+ months ago, I suspect the poster has calmed down....
  8. by   tullosrn2010
    actually it was aug. 2006 lol