1. So I am a new graduate nurse, got my license last week After my peds class and clinicals and having the opportunity to tour NMMC NICU, I've had my heart set on NICU! I applied for a NICU position at UMC, figuring I probably wouldn't even get a call, but to my surprise, they called today!!! So my questions are 1) how us it at UMCs NICU? I know it is a large unit and must be hectic, so worth it, right?? 2) my husband and I live in north MS and he doesn't want to move immediately (he has a good job here). Are there decent/safe places to stay close to the hospital? 3) what is the starting pay (new grad) for a position like this?
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  3. by   livRN2012
    The NICU there is big. Not sure of how many beds but I know the nurses usually have pods of 2-3 patients. I'm sure you could find some decent extended stay hotels within ten to fifteen minutes of the hospital if not closer.
  4. by   Runningonfancy
    When looking for a place to stay please be careful! I don't know how long you haves lives in ms but the crime rate in Jackson has been rising steadily. I would suggest looking at locations a touch north such as Madison. Every time I have attended a horse show and stayed overnight at the fairgrounds someone has been robbed, a vehicle stolen and to top it off the last time a person was shot across the street when he interrupted someone breaking into his vehicle. Congratulations on the job interview though. I know there are safe locations in Jackson. I just don't know them all. Definitely ask around on interview day for more details.
  5. by   aei631
    Umc has a 95-100 bed NICU. You should know that turnover of staff can be high. A girl I went to nursing school with works in the NICU and said they may take up to 6 babies depending on staffing.

    I believe new grad pay at umc is still 19.50.
  6. by   rncat2000
    I know this is an old post but to let you know umc has what they call the nightengal suites that nurses who live a certain distance from the hospital can stay overnight for free when working their stretch of shifts! It is in the hospital where they have renovated a wing of the old hospital and many of the people I know that use them say that they are nice and it is free!
  7. by   paulwodom
    If you take the position with UMC NICU talk to HR they have a section of the hospital that is set up like a hospital it is for nurses that live far away and don't want to travel daily.