State Hospital "Whitfield"

  1. i was wondering if anyone had any info. about working at whitfield. i was really very interested in this hospital and was wondering the scoop!! tia
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  3. by   MS Kathy
    It is a beautiful campus. Apparently in the next 10 years they will have brand new buildings. They have an educational leave program that you can apply for while still a student that pays you and your tuition????? It was just featured in the Clarion-Ledger a few weeks ago maybe.

    I want to say I've seen people talking about it over in the Military/VA forum??? or maybe further back here in the MS forum.

    I was there this summer for psyc. clinical. I think it would be a great place to work - if I was into psyc. They treat ages 3 up. I think it has the largest nursing home in the US??? So whatever age group you are interested in will be covered.

    I've only talked to a few people who worked there (besides the ones during clinical) and they all seemed to like it.

  4. by   wgirl08
    i go to the W and they came for a career fair and the benefits you can receive while you're in school from them are awesome...if i remember correctly they said that they will pay you up to 1300 a month and you can be put on their health insurance plan (which is one of the best in the nation), i've been trying to get in touch with the nurse im supposed to contact but i haven't been able to get in touch with her...i can give you her number if you want, just send me a pm or something