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:confused: hi everyone...i'm new to this site but am loving it so far. i will be entering lpn school in jan. 09. i live in jackson, ms and was wondering if anyone out there is from the central ms... Read More

  1. by   MsTn81
    Quote from crystalclear
    I graduated in Aug 05 from Vicksburg campus(LPN). It is actually the best campus, not so many different teachers and only about 35 students. No one to tell you it is too many of you like I was told about the Jackson campus (they try to weed you out). I just graduated from the LPN to RN bridge program Aug 1, 2008. Only one instructor in class(a good thing only one personality to get to know). Bye the way I think Jackson takes at least 50 students(LPN).

    I used grants and student loans for LPN school. I used WIA for RN schoool. Think about where you probably want to work and see what they offer for tuition assistance for LPN school, hospital is best. I went to a nursing home afterwards for 19.50/h 3-11 shift. The hospital would have helped me more for LPN to RN bridge. I still made it thank God, waiting to take boards.:imbar

    I had heard that the Vicksburg campus was the best. I was working in a nursing home as a cna and a lpn told me that she transfered from jaxon to vburg because of the way the teachers treated the students. I've been thinkin about where i wanted to work and still dont have a clue. Good luck on your boards i'm pretty sure you are gonna pass.:wink2:
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    Bump. Does anyone know if this program, the Educational Advantage Program through Mississippi State hospital, is still active? Thanks for any info. I will be starting LPN school in August, so I am looking for funds.