Holmes or MDCC Acceptance Letters 2012 - page 2

I am currently waiting very anxious for these letters to come in the mail.. I know of people who have received their re-acceptance letters for MDCC in the middle of April.. Why does this process take... Read More

  1. by   Lillieann
    I received my acceptance email from Holmes last week. Has anyone else received anything?
  2. by   lmichelle17
    I'm still waiting!!! Losing my mind.. Do you mind me asking what your ACT scores and overall were.. Trying to determine my chances.. I feel like my scores are too low though..

    Has anyone else recieved acceptance or rejections letters??
  3. by   Mytooboyz
    To which school (program) did you apply? I made a 20 on ACT and had a 3.76 GPA for my prerequisites.
  4. by   Lillieann
    lmichelle17, I made a 21 overall on my ACT.
  5. by   amandagayle
    I just graduated from Holmes in Ridgeland. The denial letters go out first, so no news is good news. I got my letter saying I got in about 5 days after my friend got hers saying she did not get in. Hope that helps. Best of luck!
  6. by   Lillieann
    Quote from CareerChangeNeeded
    I have heard that students are already coming in at the Ridgeland campus with their acceptance letters. I hope y'all hear something soon.

    For those that will be starting in the Fall at Ridgeland, the second year students are hoping to get together with y'all sometime this summer for a meet and greet and hoping to give you some direction. We were lost last year and wished we had had someone to tell us what to expect. So, if you're interested, let us know. We'd be glad to help. We were once in your shoes.
    That would be wonderful to meet with the second year students for direction and information. I am sure that would help ease some of our fears of the unknown. Thank you.
  7. by   mstmj
    Hello,For those of you that got into Holmes, do you mind me asking what you overall GPA was? Prerequisite GPA? ACT? Does having a degree help? Living within the district? What is this point system? Thank you!
  8. by   amandagayle
    I graduated Holnes Ridgeland in May 2011. Going in I had a 4.0 and 27 ACT. You get points for GPA, ACT, and completed pre-reqs.
  9. by   amandagayle
    Ugh I meant I graduated May 2012 lol
  10. by   livRN2012
    I graduate from the Ridgeland campus in May 2013. 30 on my ACT, like a 3.5 GPA. I got my letter over spring break. I can't remember how they accept people but you definitely have a better chance of getting in with a high GPA and ACT. good luck!
  11. by   mstmj
    Thank you!