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  1. Does anyone work in a hospital owned by HMA (Health Management Associates, Inc.)? If so, are they "employee-friendly"? What kind of staff to pt ratios do you have in your area? Are there things that you particularly like or dislike? The hospital I work for will be taken over by HMA in December, and we are all wondering what kind of changes may occur.
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    Quote from fightthestigma
    Does anyone work in a hospital owned by HMA (Health Management Associates, Inc.)? If so, are they "employee-friendly"? What kind of staff to pt ratios do you have in your area? Are there things that you particularly like or dislike? The hospital I work for will be taken over by HMA in December, and we are all wondering what kind of changes may occur.
    hi i'm a cna hope i can be of some help. i work for biloxi regional medical center it is an hma hospital. well it is a for profit basis is small not very clickish depending on what dept you work in. it is employee friendly very much so when staffed appropriatly. but what i dislike is staff to pt ratio it causes alot of add on stress for nurses and there assistants which causes altercations between staff members and staff and their pt's. i have worked several months pregant as the only cna to 5 rns with a patient load of32 me having 32 and them splitting them up 5 ways. i almost quit b/c of that. the pt to rn ratio is suppose to be 6:1 days and 7:1 nights for rns. but how they work is they sometimes will try and call in or pull for another floor to make nurse ratio but they run slim on extra support staff so i have seen my nurses take 8 to 9 and even 10 pts a piece. brmc if they have any empty beds they plan on filling them regardless of staff because it's extra money. and they are a for profit hospital. non- for profit hospital are better work environment. for they staff is always met accordingly and rules followed no matter if your a cna or rn.cna pt ratio is suppose to be 15:1 but if they don't have extra help and they have 30pts oh well its your problem they aren't going to stop shipping patients to that floor b/c they only have 1 cna so then the nurses have to pick up my extra what ican't handle which leaves htem even more stressed out. and your raises you have to take so many inservices before you can get one. they give raises every 2 years. and its all based on your inservices completed and most of all evaluation determines if you get one and how one has every that i met had a perfect eval b/c they don't want to pay you much.
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    HMA is not worried about you the nurse just the dollar.
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    My experience with an HCA hospital:
    The most unprofessional treatment of staff I have encountered in 35 years of work. And not impressed with the procedures and management in my department. During the orientation period 4 senior managers, brought in to make short presentations, had been in their positions less that 2 months. My impulse was to resign before I got started as this was a sure fire signal something is very wrong with the company.
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    I worked for an HMA hospital in South Carolina. Very cheap place to work. Supplies were not the best, always short on nurses. They would have you scheduled to come to work and if one pt was discharged, they would send you home, be home two hours and call you back. I never had just 6 or 7 patients. It was always too many to handle and the CNA's got away with cussing patients, talking disrespectful to nurses. The employees were friendly but administration always had mandatory meetings, so many you never got a day off. Always have some inservice and it just seemed like I never left the place. No Christmas bonus, which was usually a $50 gift card, no raises unless you did all these computer tests. The supervisors were always fussing about how bad we were behind but they never helped out. I left two months ago and I know of several more nurses who have left and are leaving soon because they are burned out on the job expectations with the patient loads. The company is billions of dollars in debt. All I can say is "Good Luck".
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    Correction on my previous email. That was an HMA hospital I referred to. Now looking to get out of HMA hosptal and into HCA hospital but imagine it could be from 'frying pan into the fire'. To add another cliche: Money and medicine mix like oil and water. The temporary emulsification makes for good medicine but in the end the separation leaves everyone with a bad taste as the oily fat cats float on top.
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    I have worked for an HMA hospital for 3 years (Venice Regional Medical Center). I have to say that HMA has been awesome for us. Yes we've had to make some sacrafices but THE WHOLE COMPANY has made them, not just the staff employees. The upper management and administration here is incredible. They are very supportive and not afraid to come out from behind their desks and give a hand when needed. I am proud to be part of this company and the great way we help treat our patients. It's truely an excepitional place to work.
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    I am working now at an HMA Hospital. I am definitely not impressed. While the staff does the best, I think, management is sadly beyond imagination. Hippa? That is not taken seriously there either, in my opinion. We have not had a raise, as in cost of living in a year. And we were told that the upcoming year would be the same, as they continue to add floors with beds that cannot be staffed. Last year the HMA stopped contributing to employees 401 K. While I am not a financial expert, I read and have learned this much. When companies stop contributing to their employees 401 K, the company is in serious financial trouble. That said, if working elsewhere, stay there. IF you are working in this company, start looking to find another job.
    This is my first employment with HMA, and it will be my last. I have never heard a company talked about so poorly from its own employees
    It comes down to this

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    A bit biased... but.. I will be fair..

    HMA is a management company that buys out hospitals and makes them profitable.

    Very unprofessional treatment of staff, at least at the facilities I was at. Almost treated like children.

    They strictly control staffing. When the floor gets below a certain number patients, your CNA gets cancelled followed by LPNs then RNs. (or entire floors.. like at Rankin ..err River oaks at Crossgates. Buyout.. Hah! River Oaks and Rankin were all HMA properties but the rename was because River Oaks had a better name brand recognition. There was no "buy out" All were HMA from the get-go)

    HMA controls 50% of the facilities in MS and works to bring down CNA/LPN/RN pay.

    Very tight with raises. You must do many very stupid inservices with still no gaurantee.

    HMA also is a firm believer in meetings which you may have to attend on your off days.

    HMA uses it's own agency - Preferred - to cut out agency costs if recruitment is tough in the area. This effectively shuts down any national
    agency being able to compete in MS and drive up wages.

    Very shrewd, very cheap.
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    I have worked for an HMA agency for a good while and I love it. Times are tough, but their capable employees who are loyal and completely capable of working are taken care of. Sure, they may not give you as many raises as other places, but I love where I work and I would hate ever having to leave it. I can't speak for any other area or any other HMA hospital, but I work at an HMA hospital and I would not trade it for anything.
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    How much are Bsn RN'S base pay in HMA hospitals in Jackson or lakeland? Differentials? Are the benefits competitive? How about in comparison with St. D?

    Thanks for the input...
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    RUN RUN QUICKLY AWAY!!! Currently (not for long) working at a HMA hospital. Have worked for both a non-profit health system and now a profit hospital, my experience: I will never work for a profit hospital again! HMA management is more worried about THEIR bonuses then they are with patient care and the safety of patients and staff. When I interviewed I was told that they had computerized charting, an admission nurse and would only have 5-6 pts maximum. The computerized charting is only in ER and and one of the ICU's, not expected to be on other floors any time soon, the admission nurse was a figment of my imagination even though 3 other nurses that hired in at same time was told same thing, the last time I had 5-6 pts was when I was still on orientation, average number is 8 as many as 11, RN assignments are made by rooms not acuity. PCT's work with an avg of 10-12 pts. My unit is SO disorganized that orders are missed consistently by both the CN and RN. Communication between mgmt and floor staff is near nonexistent till something goes wrong. Higher up mgmt hold "Town Hall Meetings" at 9am, busy time for all staff and too long for night shift to hang around. HMA stopped contributing to employees 401K couple of years ago. Insurance costs are outrageous and unless you increase to a higher standard does not cover much of anything. Equipment is old and supplies are VERY limited. Black mold continues to filter through walls, which a FT maintainence man cleans the area and repaints. Most of the patient rooms are dark and dreary. No visitor bathroom on the floor nearest one is 3 floors away. Staff breakroom is 8x12, which holds a 6ft table, lockers, microwave and BR. Patient pantry is a joke!, no extra condiments, night snacks consist of 5 vanilla wafers and a piece of cheese which for a floor that holds 40pts food service may bring 6. Cafeteria is only open for lunch on weekends and the menu consists of weeks leftovers.
    So with all this said, I wish that I would have researched the company prior to hiring. From what I have found out about HMA the problems at my facility are company-wide. Many may say "at least you have a job" well yes I do but how long will I have my license! Mgmt is more worried about profits than nursing staff, we are expendable, plenty more out there. Every day is full of stress, every health system has problems, at HMA stress is compounded by low staff morale, poor communication and inferior equipment and management that just doesn't care. HMA management are aware of the problems staff are told to "be patient, big changes are happening." Hearsay (including some doctors) is that nothing has changed in years and won't as long as HMA's board are bringing home the high end of 6 figure bonuses each year.
    My advice to any nurse, old or new, is to throughly research the employer prior to applying. Look on the internet for financial records, forums etc.. Take a tour of the unit that you are interviewing for, is staff running around or calmly walking the halls, are they smiling?, look at the equipment (new vs old), look at patient care areas (clean, dingy?) look at the assignment board (figure out pt:nurse ratio), walk around the facility and look at staff, visitors and patients. Be smart, research prior to and after interviewing (most respectable places will give you 24 hours to "digest" the given information), I wish I had! You worked hard for your license, protect it and while others might think we are expendable there are also many different facilities!
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    As the previous post states RUN! I wish I had been given that advice. I cannot begin tell you how horrible the company is to work for. It is all about the dollar for them, not the patient or the employees. We just had a major layoff and lost a lot of experienced nurses. Of course, they did keep the new grads. I am scared to death the entire time I am there. I know that I cannot manage to perform the miracles they expect of me much less help an inexperienced nurse. I will not be staying there. Hopefully I will manage to hold on until I find something else, but that gets a little more difficult each shift. If you value your license do not even consider going to work for HMA. At this point I would rather be doing anything else and I used to love being a nurse. HMA changed that for me!