Good News!

  1. The one day that I don't have my eyes peeled for the postman to deliver the mail, I receive the most important letter!!! I was accepted to the ADN program at Holmes in Grenada!!!! I can't wait until August!
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  3. by   ms_precious07
    Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you, I know you will make a great nurse I heard from Jones today and I guess you can say I got semi-good news. I'm on an alternate list for the fall and hopefully I'm not too far down and enough people decline. Keep your fingers crossed. I need it
  4. by   wan2banrseNms
    That does sound like good news! Did you ask how far down the list you are? I really hope it works out for you! Keep us posted!
  5. by   ms_precious07
    I'm going to call Monday and find out. I hope not too far
  6. by   fathernurse2b
    Congrants to you, wanabanrseNms! I remember the day I got my letter. I was so excited and I called everyone I could think of but everyone was like...."oh okay" big deal to them. I want you to know I'm so happy for you. I'm from Durant but I live on the gulf coast now I just finished my first year. Are you going to be driving to Greneda from KO.
  7. by   wan2banrseNms
    That's the same reaction I got from most; I think my hubby was more excited than me though. I will be driving from KO. I timed it and it'll only take a little over 1 hr. Not too bad. Hopefully I can find someone to carpool with. Thank you! Good luck to you in your second year!
  8. by   greenmiler
    Congrats to both. If KO is Kozy, both parents are from there. I live on the coast as well..starting 4th in Fall
  9. by   wan2banrseNms
    Thank you, and yes it is Kozy. good luck to you too!