anyone taken A&P online

  1. Has anyone taken Anatomy and Physiology online??? Did you like it? How were the labs done?

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  3. by   lizzy1982ms
    I took AP I last semester online and am now taking AP II online. I have been pretty successful using the online class. However, you must make time EVERY day to keep up with reading. In my experience, we did the labs that we could at home. Sometimes you have to find a friend to help you out but they are pretty easy. We had a weekly lab quiz about what we studied and had several proctored lab exams over the semester. I would recommend the online class if you are disciplined enough to read and review each day!
  4. by   wan2banrseNms
    thanks, I am considering taking it this summer. I am currently taking Nutrition and Growth and Development online and have been pretty successful. Thank you for you input.
  5. by   MickieG
    I am considering the LPN program at NEMCC. Thanks for answering one of the big questions I had concerning online courses. I have a full time job but am 50 years old with no children left at home so I have plenty of time to study. Are there any other LPN online courses you know of that are worth the time/trouble?
    Thanks in advance!
  6. by   lizzy1982ms
    I also took English comp 1 and 2, and Human growth and development online. I did very well in all of these! Good luck.