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Anybody out there with any experience doing short-term missions trips as an RN???? Legalities involved, practice restrictions, immunizations required, countries you went to, experiences, advice, warnings are all welcome!!!


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I haven't been on a mission trip as an RN (still a student) but I have heard of the Summer Medical Institute. This summer it's going to Peru - nursing students, med students (from different schools), practicing health care professionals,... I don't have the web site address handy, but it's associated with Vanderbilt and West End Community Church.

You can check out travel advisories at http://travel.state.gov



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Went to Costa Rico when i was still an LPN with a Doctor that i worked for. Very little legal problems because of the slight regulation in that country. Spent 2 weeks doing a little nursing and a lot of construction on a new clinic that was being built. Hard work, tough climate, impossible living conditions. Can't wait to go again!

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