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Hi! Does anyone know anything about Mission Hospital in Asheville?? I was contacted regarding a new grad position, but I have never been to the area. Thanks so much!:nurse:


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I have done many clinicals there including neurosciences, cardiology, mental health, med-surg. I really enjoyed being there. Most of the nurses really want to help out new nurses and students. Some of the departments have a really intensive orientation program, but it is for the best. All in all, Mission would be a great place to work.

As for the Asheville area, it's really "green, organic, tree-hugging hippie" if you're into that kind of thing (not to be offensive). There are a lot of things to do if you just go exploring. It is a very interesting place to live and work.


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Thanks for the response! I'm not sure that I would love living in that kind of environment, but it is so hard to get hospital jobs in MA as a new grad that I'll go anywhere for the experience at this point! They were nice enough to offer a phone interview, so I figured I would jump at that opportunity. :bow:


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I work at Mission and, though I never expected to, really love it. I've lived in Asheville for 20 years and also love it. Good luck.


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Asheville is an awesome town, I am still in school but in a year, Mission is on my top 5 list as to where I would like to work. Maybe I'll see you there!


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I'm from New Jersey and was thinking about relocating to Asheville, NC. I was interested in a L&D job at Mission. The hospital that I work at is a small community hospital and was looking for something more advanced/ teaching hospital. Is Mission a teaching hospital? And can anybody tell me more about the hospital itself?




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If you don't mind commuting about 45 mins each way, Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC is a teaching hospital


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If you don't mind commuting about 45 mins each way, Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC is a teaching hospital

Just FYI: the drive from Asheville to WS is more like 2.5 hours.

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