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Missed posted Job opportunity


I am a registered nurse of 4 years on a Trauma Med surg unit. I am currently going to relocate into a new city in 4 months. There is only one hospital that has a labor delivery unit that is within a reasonable drive that I had looked into. They had posted 3 labor and delivery RN positions with bonus pay. The requirements was a license, BLS and PALS certificate and 1 year of medical experience. I was going to apply right after I finished up the PALS class. The next day the all positions were not available anymore. I am just devastated because this is the unit I really want to work on. I would even do mother baby or anything related to these types of units but nothing is posted. My question is, should I email the manager to I guess introduce myself, ask if the positions were filled and state that I will be moving down in 4 months and am seeking a for an RN position on their floor? Of course it would be much more professional then that and maybe attach my resume?

The next hospital or any women's facility is at least 2 hours away, so this hospital is my only hope.

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Just because the postings are no longer visible, does not mean they are filled. The manager may need to resubmit the request if the time frame to hire has been reached. You have nothing to lose by emailing the manager.

Good luck

I didn't even think of that! That does make sense because they were posted in June. Thank you for your feedback!

I would not mention that you had previous knowledge of the postings, make it sound like you are writing from the standpoint of the news of your move. If they get an impression that you knew earlier, then they might conclude that you weren't proactive enough to immediately apply. And from now on, as much as possible, try to immediately apply when you see a job posting you intend to follow up on.