Missed nclex exam in ga, please help

Nursing Students NCLEX


I was scheduled to test for licensure by examination with GA Board of Nursing yesterday. When I got to the test center I realized I did not have my ID, so I was not able to test. I have already reregistered with PearsonVue and paid the $200 fee again. I'm wondering what the board requires of you in this case in order to sit for NCLEX? If you or anyone you know has had a similar experience in Georgia please let me know what happened! I will obviously call both PearsonVue and Georgia Board of nursing during regular business hours, but I am dying to know ASAP! I know I made a stupid mistake. I do not want to have to wait 45 days to test or go through the whole application process with the BON again (as I know one must do if they fail NCLEX). Thanks for any help given!

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