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Missed Affiniy Test


So today I was selected to test yet again, this would have made number 5 in 3 week time, but my alternator went out on me on my way to Labcorp. I notified Affinity about my issue I was having they found another site for me to go to before 9pm. I told the lady what happened she seemed like she didn't really care that I didn't have a vehicle and I was told I must test today. I'm sitting at home, thanks to the tow driver, without anyway of getting to test. Am I the only one that "life" happens too? I'm in KY and have been on probation since Feb of this year. Doe's anyone know what they will do to me if I absolutely cannot make it to test?

KyBeagle, ASN

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Deep Breaths! I'm sorry you have such a rough time. You’re describing what I always feared in the KARE program. I missed 3 check-ins spread over a 5 year period (which my CM was gracious about) but I never missed a test.
I do remember talking to the KARE program coordinator back in 2014 when I first signed my KARE contract & asking about what happens if the inevitable happens (missed test beyond my control). She gave me a weather related example- such as if I missed because weather conditions were too dangerous to drive, keep copies of weather reports for proof & notify my assigned CM immediately via email.

In your case, do your have tow truck documentation? If so, keep it as proof & send to your CM. Have you had any issues before? Missed monthly paperwork? Many missed check-ins? Any positive tests? With my past KARE experience, the more compliant you are over the course of the program, the more understanding your CM will be. I had a great relationship with mine & I frequently communicated with her (always getting clarifications to my questions, etc). I’ve heard horror stories on here from other states (especially Florida) but my experience in KY was awesome.

IF you can’t get there, email your CM immediately tonight & hold onto your tow truck receipt if you have one. I really don’t know how they’ll react- but approach your CM BEFORE s/he contacts you.

And WOW!! 5 tests in 3 weeks! That’s a LOT!

PLEASE update us with what happens!! Sending you best wishes from KY!

14 hours ago, natausha wallace said:

I did make it to the other site with 10 minutes to spare! Thanks for all the information. This program is SO HARD! I just now found a nursing job after looking since January of 2019. It's like no one wants to give us 2nd chances but thank goodness someone finally didn't look at me like a criminal. I just pray I can keep pushing through this!