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Misdemeanors Affecting You the rest of your Life

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I have read the majority of these posts and wanted to let each of you know that we are facing the same issues in the banking and financial services sectors. Thousands and thousands of people have been either let's go from there long term employers or they have been denied employment due to past criminal histories. Even if they were expunged, set aside, dismissed. They will even deny employment if you were arrested and it never resulted in a criminal conviction. A petition was started to change the laws in the banking sector to not be so stringent. The petition currently states that employees or potential employees should not be excluded from jobs if 1. their conviction was dismissed, set aside, or expunged 2. They paid their debt to society and have no outstanding probations or fines and 3. If their conviction was 20 years old or more. However the petition is being revised due to overwhelming responses and the majority of people asking for it to be revised to 10 years instead of 20 years.

But as you know petitions need a lot of signatures so what I am thinking as I scroll through the Internet is that perhaps we should include a revision to nursing statutes that States that you should not be automatically excluded from employment based on misdemeanor convictions. Especially when they are so old. If any of you would be interested in adding that revision in an attempt to combine efforts between banking sector employees and nursing sector employees then please let me know. Like I said the more signatures we get the better our chances to revise federal statutes in both circumstances.

One of the things that we are going to point out to lawmakers is that there isn't any field that you do not have access to another person and their money, homes, assets, credit cards etc. if you think about it, even in general labor positions like construction you still have access to somebody's information and/or property. So for those of us that had our records expunged and they are 20 years old whether it be in nursing or banking or any other field, doesn't that violate our basic rights? When we all paid our debt to society, learned from our youthful mistakes and then went on to lead honest, hard-working, productive lives and we never got in trouble again, should we be required to pay for that crime for eternity by not being able to seek gainful employment? No, we shouldn't.

If you are interested in signing the petition and adding on the statute revision for the healthcare field then please let me know and I will be happy to do that. In the meantime you can go to change.org and can sign the petition so we can get the ball rolling. Tell everyone you can think of to go in and sign the petition so that we don't have to sit back for the rest of our lives and worry about supporting ourselves and our families as well as becoming a drain on society.

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