What do LPN's make in the TC area?

  1. Are there any hospitals that hire them, or is is mostly LTC's? Do any DR offices or anything like that hire? What is the average pay?
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  3. by   ginajagha
    There are some hospitals that will hire LPN's the pay in the hospitals will be less then any other facility. Clinics and ltc and home health agencies are where most of the lpn jobs are at. I have done it all. Home health generally pays the best. My last lpn job I was at 22 an hour., Try startribune.com, craigslist.com and mn job bank to look for positions
  4. by   liberty_bell
    ^^ Thanks for the reply. We are in Socal right now and the starting pay for LVNs is around $21/hr so I am glad to see they are about the same, and on the plus side MN has a much lower COL!!!
  5. by   noc4senuf
    I pay mine in LTc 17+ - 21+
  6. by   liberty_bell
    Quote from noc4senuf
    I pay mine in LTc 17+ - 21+
    How do you base what you start them off at? If I don't need ANY benefits at all is there a way to negotiate a higher pay per hour?
  7. by   noc4senuf
    I base mine off years of experience. Some facilities pay higher for no benefits.
  8. by   liberty_bell

    What is the earning potential for an LVN in MN in LTC? I am in school to be an LVN who wants to work in SNF or LTC, and as of now have no plans to go on to get my RN.
    Thanks for the info, hoping to move to MN soon after graduation.

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