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  1. I received a call from the VA Medical Center today but they wanted me to come in this week for an interview. However, I have clinical the entire week so I was not able to go. So, I told them that I could not make it until November 10th.
    Consequently, the lady (program assistant) said the the nurse manger might not schedule interviews that far out. But the problem is that I cannot miss any school days until that time without placing my education in serious jeopardy.
    Does anyone have any insight to a possible solution here?

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  3. by   mom2cka
    Can they schedule a weekend or late afternoon interview? Not sure where you are at, but perhaps there is something that can be arranged? She should understand that clinicals and classes are not flexible like that... seems odd to me that she's calling this week for interviews this week and isn't flexible with adjusting that at all.
  4. by   debi49
    Well, obviously you can't miss clinicals...I'd call back and if you cant talk to the nurse manager, let the assistant know you are still interested and would she/he please let the manager know you would love to come in After the tenth. Then call back on the tenth and see if you can interview.

    My brother works at the VA (mpls) and he says the need for nurses is great, so I would be surprised if somewhere in the VA there wasnt still an opportunity somewhere there. And you are smart to get started applying there now. It took my brother 3 months from interview to first day of employment because of the intense vetting they do of potential employees.
  5. by   SeychelleRN
    First of all, on getting called for the interview.

    Might sound strange, but anytime I was called for anything at the VA,nothing is ever scheduled on Friday or Monday. I can only attribute it to staff taking advantage of a three day weekend with all the vacation time accumulated. The day you asked for falls on a Monday and the day after, November 11th is Veteran's Day (one of the paid holidays). I would not give up. You were called for a reason. Try your best to reschedule. Congratulations again and good luck!
  6. by   krazykev
    Well I have an actual interview scheduled for this Thursday. However, one of my instructors is being difficult so I have to attend class until 12:00 p.m. then drive from Schofield WI to Minneapolis for the 4:30 interview.
    This instructor thinks that the VA should work around my schedule for an interview because I am a nursing student. Which is why I have to attend class or take a loss of points.
    Finally, thanks for all the advice on this matter. I will keep you informed.
  7. by   ms_orion
    Relax,,,maybe God has better plans in store for you. Keep with your education requirement. Please!

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