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Have interview emails gone out for UMN? I applied in January, and the email said that those candidates granted interviews will find out in "early March." I haven't heard, so I'm thinking I didn't... Read More

  1. by   anna.banana
    Okay that makes me feel better. I'm used to applying for jobs, I guess, where you get a lot of feedback from the interviewer. I also haven't been interviewed by only one person for a while. Oh well, hopefully we hear soon! They said roughly one week from end of interviews, right? So probably week after next (or super optimistically, next Friday)?
  2. by   anm87
    Yeah, the email said late-March so hopefully next week sometime!!
  3. by   anna.banana
    How'd everyone else do?? Can you believe it's almost time to find out?!
  4. by   midlifemom
    Sometimes I think I did OK and sometimes I think I totally bombed. I can't stop obsessing over it! There are some things I wish I had said but was too nervous to think of at the time. I don't know. I'm overthinking it, going over it again and again and again in my mind.
  5. by   anna.banana
    Aww, midlifemom, I'm sure you did okay. That's basically how I feel though: Sometimes, I think it was horrible and I will NEVER get in, and sometimes I feel good about my answers and just feel like the whole experience was kind of weird. At least we'll be out of our misery soon!
  6. by   anna.banana
    Anybody heard anything?
  7. by   midlifemom
    Not yet, you? I'm going crazy!!
  8. by   anna.banana
    Nope same here!! Looks like an another weekend of waiting...
  9. by   midlifemom
    At least I can stop checking my email every 5 minutes for a couple days.
  10. by   clturcios102
    Hello, has anyone gotten an email yet?
  11. by   anna.banana
    Not me.
  12. by   midlifemom
  13. by   anm87
    I got an email and unfortunately I was not accepted into the Master of Nursing program. But luckily I also applied to the BSN program at the U of M, and I just got an email saying I was accepted!!! I was devastated when I got the rejection email but getting into the BSN program made my day!!! It's not the exact path to nursing that I had originally planned on, but it still leads to an RN!!! I can't wait

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