potential jobs in MSP area for experienced RN

  1. Anybody have advice for getting a p/t dayshift job in the Minneapolis/St Paul (or just in MN) area?

    I want to move back to the state where where my extended family is. I have 20+ years and tons of experience in many fields, but 95% of it is at the bedside in hospitals. I am in remission and have to work dayshift for the sake of my health. Am currently doing ICU and hoping to have a less stressful job, too.

    I look at jobs online all the time - but dont have an "in" with anyone, and dont know the area well. Hope to get there prior to the next school year.
    Would consider other areas in MN - although my husband and I would prefer to live near/in a bigger city. We visited MSP and really liked it.

    Does anyone have experience in specific jobs/employers that you liked, and would suggest, and is dayshift? I need to work @ 28-36 hours a week max, not quite full time. I feel like I could do almost anything if the culture is good and I liked my coworkers/there was good teamwork, but that is something you tend to learn after you take a job. I would like to do hospice/palliative care or anything baby related, if possible. My Dr prefers I dont do primary care or pediatrics/older kids until my immune system is a little stronger.

    Thank you in advance. I know it sounds like a lot for me to request. Hoping it's not impossible. Not expecting a 'dream job.' I want a "good enough" job, dayshift, less stress, decent insurance.
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  3. by   PeekabooICU77
    Start by browsing the Careers sections on the websites of major hospitals and organizations. Regions, HealthPartners, Allina, Fairview, HealthEast, HCMC, U of MN Physicians, Children's Hospital - you get the idea. Hopefully you find something that works for you
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    Thanks for your reply - yes, I've been looking on those sites quite a bit. I was hoping somebody would say "I work at _____ and really like it, and it's dayshift!" but I think I may have been asking too much.
    Thank you, though.
  5. by   PeekabooICU77
    Gotcha. Sorry to give an answer more generic than you were looking for! I've only worked at one metro hospital which was HCMC, and i gained invaluable experience. I can't compare it to other places though. But working with less-privileged and with such complex patients was really meaningful, so look into HCMC if you are into that. There's a ton of primary care and specialty clinics within the hospital with regular daytime hours, so I'd look for RN openings. Some things that made simply going to work and leaving a bit tedious at times was parking issues. I was on a waiting list for a year to get a contract in the employee parking ramp, and prior to that I had to do street parking. The ramps and street parking is all for cost - no free parking for employees. I always felt safe though no matter where I parked - security was always more than willing to escort me to the car if I was coming off of a shift at night.

    I have also personally heard that North Memorial and Regions are great places to be, and the people I know that have told me that get the feeling they are appreciated and valued. Which I think is not very easy to find these days.

    HealthEast is a great organization to work for, although I didn't work there in an RN role but as a clinic assistant. I'd highly recommend looking into what kind of openings HealthEast has through their organization.

    I hope that is a little more helpful!
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    yes, thanks!!!

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