Once I get RN licensure, can I still work as a CNA? - page 2

Hi everyone, I am graduating soon with my RN and hope to take the NCLEX at the beginning of June here in MN. I don't have a job lined up yet, but have some possibiliites. I am currently working as... Read More

  1. by   DJ Bertrix
    Hello sam1998. I noticed this post of yours was about a year ago. Are you working as an RN now? When you were applying to other hospitals while working as a CNA with your RN license, did you list your current work experience as a CNA on your applications? I am just wondering because I am in the same boat you were going through. Will the other hospitals you're applying to look at that wrong with you working as a CNA with your RN license and may not consider you as a potential candidate for their hospital?
  2. by   RRRachel
    Caliotter3, do you know which agency your classmate worked for that hired her right out of school? Thanks!